Start each day with a grateful heart! ~anonymous

With Halloween past and the holidays approaching it is time to stop and think about all, we are grateful for! Our lives are filled with hugs and smiles every day! I am so grateful for that! There are challenges, of course, but we have so much love surrounding us that it makes those challenges a little easier!

Thank you all for your participation in our jog-a-thon! We had a great time and each class raised some funds for their classrooms!

Our next event is our Thanksgiving Feast! Be on the lookout for a sign-up sheet. The way we prepare our meal is that each class brings the ingredients for and cooks one of the dishes. That way we

all work together and share a grand meal at the end! We will need only one parent volunteer per classroom. But, everyone will bring ingredients for our meal!

Our Jog a thon awards assembly will be on our patio on November 15th.

Our Feast is on November 22nd. We are closed for Thanksgiving Break the 28th and 29th.

We hope you take the time to slow down and feel gratitude for all that is around you! It really is a wonderful life that we are living in.

Mrs. Dodd and Ms. Sandy