Meet Our Staff

The Montessori School of Oceanside has a team of dedicated and trained teachers and staff.

MSO Staff Photo

Louann Rodriguez

Louann Rodriguez has been teaching at the Montessori School of Oceanside since 2000. She hold a Pre-Primary diploma from the International Association of Progressive Montessori, which is accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) and has also been trained as an Elementary Teacher for 6-9 year olds at the Montessori Teachers College of San Diego an AMS and MACTE commissioned site. Louann has served as Lead Teacher in the Pre-primary classes for 8 years. She has taken the position of Lead Teacher in the Lower Elementary class directing 6-9 year olds and loves it!   Louann embraces the Montessori Method of teaching with the strong belief that it is the best method of learning that a child can experience.

Laarni (Annie) Cariaga

Annie Cariaga has been teaching in Montessori School of Oceanside since 2000. She began teaching at the age of fifteen at her home church. She was a teacher at Christ to the Philippines Bible College. She has a diploma in Ministerial Courses. She has been a missionary in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma. She received her Bachelors of Arts at the University of St. Anthony in the Philippines. She also holds a diploma from the International Association of Progressive Montessori, which is accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education. She has 12 units in Early Childhood Education from Mira Costa College as well. Ms. Annie loves and enjoys her work everyday.

Sandy Romero

Sandy Romero is currently finishing her general education in order to obtain her Associate of Arts degree. She has received the following certifications; Certificate of Achievement in Child Development Assistant Teacher and Certificate of Competence in Child Development Associate Teacher from Mira Costa College. Ms. Romero has served as a service-learning student for MAAC Project Head Start. She has also worked for the Mira Costa Child Development Center. She is currently working with Ms. Joy in Room 4.

Brenda Dodd

Brenda Dodd has been a part of our school since 1999. She began her teaching career in 1984 in the ROP program in high school. It was there that her love for Montessori education bloomed. She is a self-confirmed lifetime student but, graduated from National University with a BA in Inter Disciplinary Studies and continued on to receive her Masters Degree in Cross Cultural Education in 2002. She currently works in the office here at school as an administrator and is an upper elementary teacher here as well. She is a supporter of learning through the arts and enjoys working with children in theater, music, and dance productions. She is a firm believer in Montessori Education and believes that to follow the child is a benefit that we cannot overlook. “Each child seeks out what he/she needs in their own education. It is our duty and joy to help them find the path that leads them to success!”

Joy Zamora

Ms. Joy recently joined the MSO family. She has a background in Education, including various degrees and certificates from the Philipines. Ms. Joy is joining Ms. Wathsala in Room 3 with all the wonderful toddlers! Ms. Joy is a very patient person, and has a tender way with the toddlers in Room 3.

Rosa Ramirez

Ms. Rosa has been with Montessori School of Oceanside for over 4 years now. Though Ms. Rosa can generally be found in the kitchen, making a variety of multi-cultural cuisine, she also enjoys spending time in the classrooms. Ms. Rosa particularly enjoys spending time each morning in Room 2 with our wonderful babies!

Miriam Sierra

Ms. Miriam began her career with Montessori School of Oceanside 2 as a teacher, but her daughter Lani, was a student there first! Ms. Miriam has been working with the Montessori School of Oceanside Family for over 7 years now! Ms. Miriam is currently working on her degree with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education.