“We absolutely love this school and were so sad to leave. Thanks to her wonderful… teachers, our daughter accomplished so much. The staff soon felt like family. Expectations are high and the kids achieve so much more. And most important, my daughter loved this school. Our family highly recommends the Montessori School of Oceanside.”

Christina, (Mother of 2)

“While parents give their children roots and wings to grow into adulthood, MSO provides an educational foundation children can build their future studies upon. MSO’s positive atmosphere and devotion to developing a child’s experiences in such areas as math, science and the arts, has fostered a love for learning in my children.”

Jennifer (mom of three).

“We love what we are seeing in how our kids are developing and growing at MSO. Cecilia began in the infant room and instantly bonded with both teachers, Ms Annie and Ms Miriam. I appreciated that the teachers let Cecilia go at her own pace in terms of exploring. Now that she is in Room 2, she is thriving! Before picking her up, I peek in the window and see her smiling, playing and enjoying her friends and teachers. I am amazed that at 14 months she can spend “circle time” engaged, clapping, and focused. Pablo is with Ms Wathsala and Ms Joy. He has grown so much intellectually and creatively. We were on a plane over the holidays and the passengers were amazed when Pablo began ordering the various airplane items by size, shape, and color. He kept narrating to us what he was doing. There is such an amazing connection between the Montessori teaching style, his teachers, and how the children all interact. When I stopped by to visit Pablo after dropping Cecilia off from a doctor’s appointment, Pablo proudly showed me the puzzle he was working on with Ms Wathsala — the various parts of a giant turtle. He is excited to learn and even more excited to explain what he is doing.”

-Marisol, mom to Pablo and Cecilia