Employment Opportunity

Job Description:

Elementary Lead Teacher (San Diego, CA): Teach and instruct all subjects to students of grades 1 through 5 using Montessori Method. Integrate Montessori Method curricula activities into classes, plan out cosmic curriculum for students according to their needs, experience, background, and interests. Extensive knowledge of Elementary School Teaching principles required. Bachelor’s degree in Education or equivalent plus 1 year of relevant experience. Mail resumes to Divya Seva, Inc. 3411 Sandrock Road, San Diego, CA 92123


Conducts Montessori classroom at the kindergarten level for children ages 4 to 6 years old. Prepares lessons and sets up Montessori environment and equipment. Plans and carries out curriculum targeting different areas of child develpment, including language, motor and social skills. Conducts parent teacher conferences, participates in school activities, and attneds staff meetins. Makes weekly progress reports for each child monitoring each child’s progress and adamps environment and materials to meet the child’s needs.
Requires Bachelor’s Degree in any field and a Montessori Diploma/Certificate
Send Resume to: Attn Director, Kid’z Biz Inc., 3525 Cannon Road, Oceanside, Ca 92056