Infant Program

infant baby
Our school is licensed to care for eight infants, with a one to four ratio. Our caring and fully trained teachers, offer a comfortable and loving atmosphere to our babies. The infant care environment is nurturing, stimulating, and soothing with plenty of hugs, cuddles, talking and listening. Our dedicated staff will pay close attention to your child’s needs, and surround him/her with feeling of warmth and security. You are always welcome to join your child for meals, including breast- feeding.

Each day the children in our infant care program participate in activities that stimulate the developmental process. The materials in our infant care room are specially designed to equip the child in their learning process. Our infant teachers provide one on one interaction throughout the day. The infants in our program are fortunate to have a stimulating social environment. The peer learning that occurs in our infant care room is an essential part of the development of the child’s ability to build social relationships.

The infants in our program spend time outdoors each day to enrich their development as well. It is a key component in our program for the child to experience the sights and sounds of the outdoor environment. The infants are encouraged to listen for the sounds of nature and to participate in other stimulating sensorial activities while enjoying the outdoors.

Another key element to our infant program is our partnership with parents. Communication between our infant teachers and you, the parent, is essential. The infant schedule and all of the many stages that your infant go through are discussed with you in great detail. We form a partnership with you and work together in the development of the child. Each day you will receive a report which details the events of your child’s day.