Montessori SF Field TripThe key element to our elementary school program is what Dr. Montessori called “the cosmic curriculum.” The children in this program learn how everything in our universe is connected. Each day the children follow a daily routine that provides them with countless opportunities to add to their wealth of knowledge. The process of learning is celebrated through varied activities that provide, not only knowledge, but satisfaction.

Children at the elementary level of learning have a passion for knowledge. The materials that are provided for their daily use feed this need to learn. The materials have been specially designed and created with the child in mind. As in the primary program at our school, concrete materials are used to promote the understanding of abstract concepts.

The children participate in the planning of their own development because of “sensitive periods.” Dr. Montessori’s research proved that children flow in and out of periods where they are particularly interested in different areas of the curriculum. The elementary staff at our school has a deep understanding of the sensitive periods and let the child guide their own learning. This does not mean that the child controls whether or not he participates in a particular area of learning or not. It is meant as a guideline to use the child’s interests to teach a particular concept. When we follow the child the result is a child that loves to learn.

The elementary classroom includes lessons in the areas of math, language, botany, history, geography, zoology, and geometry.