We are always looking for ways to make others happy…Do something for yourself! Go outside as often as possible. Pay attention to the little things. Stop rushing and slow down.
This is the beginning of the busiest time of the year! Please remember that you cannot give from an empty pot! We appreciate you and all you do to support our school!

With fall weather comes the time to remember to layer your clothing! It is VERY cold on our playground in the morning, but children need to run and play! We suggest that your child wears a jacket and keeps up with the short sleeved shirts. It is warm at our mid day playtime and they are too hot in winter, thick, long sleeved shirts at that time. Reminder: Please label jackets!

Sign in and Out Sheets: The clipboards on the front counter and on the lunchbox shelf in the elementary contain very important documents! Please remember to sign in and out everyday and read the no- tices on the clipboard!

Email: Email is the main form of communication here at our school. Please make sure that you are receiving and reading the emails sent by your child’s class teacher. If this is not a good way to communicate with you, please let the teachers know and they will work with you.

We would like to thank all of you for your participation in our Jog-a- thon! We had so much fun at this event! A special shout out to the parents who volunteered and helped to make this event a great one!

  • Lina Mean
  • Granada Mean
  • Amy Falk
  • Melissa Matteson
  • Shaun Matteson
  • Jordanne White
  • Pantea Babai
  • Jaime Shafer
  • Tia Banks
  • Brian Spencer
  • Cindy Spencer
  • Maria Thompson
  • Jules Mansfield

Ms Janaki and Mrs. Dodd

MSO November 2017 Newsletter. A Word from the Office

MSO November 2017 Newsletter. Room 1 and Room 2

MSO November 2017 Newsletter. Room 3 and Room 4

MSO November 2017 Newsletter. Room 5 and Room 6

MSO November 2017 Newsletter. Room 7 and Room 8

MSO November 2017 Newsletter. Happy Thanksgiving