“How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so lat so soon? ~Dr Seuss

December already!?! Wasn’t it just summer? Well, at least it felt like summer…

The end of the year always makes me feel sentimental. I think back to before the toddlers could toddle and before the preschoolers were mastering their language and math lessons and it is a bitter-sweet feeling that I am left with. Where does all the time go? We are so blessed to spend our days with your amazing children!

This time of year, the weather is very fickle. Please make sure that your child has a jacket here at school everyday! In the early morning, the playground is always cold and you never know when the afternoons will be chilly as well. Any jacket you bring here needs to be labeled with your child’s name, please!

Please Save the Date for our Winter Celebration Performances. The schedule is as follows: 5 PM: Rooms 1,2,& 3 5:15: Rooms 4 & 5 5:30: Rooms 6 and 7 The party lasts for about an hour, plan to stay and have dinner with the other families in your child’s class. Please sign up to bring a dish for the potluck!

Please bring $5 to your child’s teacher to cover the cost of the Holiday Celebrations that we are doing during this season. We have presentations covering “Christmas in the Philippines” and “Traditional Christmas in the US” The $5 will cover the cost of special snacks, special art projects and materials needed for the presentations.

Please remember to take time for yourself during this busy season. You cannot give from an empty cup!

Ms Janaki and Mrs. Dodd


MSO December 2017 Newsletter. A Word from the Office

MSO December 2017 Newsletter. Room 1 and Room 2

MSO December 2017 Newsletter. Room 3 and Room 4

MSO December 2017 Newsletter. Room 5 and Room 6MSO December 2017 Newsletter. Room 7 and Room 8

MSO December 2017 Newsletter. Holiday Celebration Friday. December 15