What are the benefits of reading to your baby?

Curling up with a good book is a sweet, relaxing way to bond with your little one. But flipping through those bright, colorful books is more than just a fun way to pass the time.

Reading with your baby or toddler sets the stage for early learning and skill development that will serve your child throughout her life. In fact, children who are introduced to reading early tend to read earlier themselves, since kids who are read to as babies have better language skills and are more interested in reading when they start school.

Even before your baby is old enough to understand what’s happening on the page, reading together lays the foundation for learning how to talk. Exposure to new words and sounds expands your baby’s vocabulary, eventually making her a stronger and more expressive talker. Reading also introduces her to important concepts like numbers, letters, colors and shapes.

These learning benefits extend into toddlerhood and beyond. Reading helps your toddler master the ABCs, develop phonemic awareness (meaning starting to understand that words are made up of individual sounds) and learn that those marks on a page represent letters and words (and things and concepts).

We give these books: