Supplies Needed:

-White Cardstock
-Black Cardstock
-Colored Cardstock – a variety of colors for the scarves or you can use just red & green. You can also use construction paper.
-Black Marker
-Orange Marker


  1. Fold over a piece of white cardstock. Trace the hand so that the pinky is along the folded part.
  1. Cut out the handprint. You should now have a handprint card that opens up.
  1. Draw a snowman hat and cut it out. Use the one you drew as a template to draw 4 more. You can also fold over a piece of paper to cut out more than one at a time. Glue these to the top of the fingers.
  1. Draw dots for the eyes with a black marker.
  2. Draw a carrot nose with an orange marker.
  1. Make paper scarves. Cut out a small rectangle piece of colored paper that will fit the size of each handprint finger. Use scissors to cut little pieces on the end and fray these pieces to make it look like a scarf. Glue the paper scarves to the handprint fingers.
  1. Draw buttons underneath the scarf with a black marker.
  1. Write a special message inside your card!

Your card is finished! We love how easy this one is to make. We especially love that this craft uses only a few supplies. You can make them easily for your family, or you can even add them as gift tags on presents.