What’s the Story?

Wild child Max gets sent to bed without his supper after threatening to eat his mom. Well, he’ll show her, right? In his room — or, at least, in his mind — a forest grows. Max boards a ship that takes him across oceans and days to the home of the wild things, which threaten him with snarls and claws and eye-rolling. Does this frighten our little wolf-boy? Of course not! Max hypnotizes the monsters, who declare him the most wild thing of all. Max joins in on the fun but quickly bores of the new adventure and sails back home — to find supper in his room, still hot!

Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are is a classic of children’s literature. Although Max misbehaves, the message is one of parental love. This subtle masterpiece of story, writing, and art will have kids asking for repeated readings. Colorful language and a world of imagination make this wild adventure a fun learning experience.

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