Be Your Best Self. Study Diligently, Believe fervently, Live righteously! ~ Monson

Welcome Back to School! We are ready for a great year! This time of year is so full of opportunities for learning and growth. We are excited to spend this year together !

Communication is the key to a happy partnership. Be sure to let us know if you are not receiving emails regularly from your child’s teacher. It is our main form of communication. We also use the sign-in clipboards to convey information as well. Please be sure you are looking at the top page of the clipboard when you sign in.

There is a copy of the yearly calendar on the back page of this newsletter…keep it handy! The only date change so far is picture day.

It was listed as the 19-21, but has changed to the 17-19.

Book Fair is September 10-14! Support our classroom libraries by purchasing books for your child or by purchasing books from the classroom wish lists!

A few reminders for the new school year:

  • Please do not leave vehicles running in the parking lot.
  • Please sign in and out everyday
  • Please label all clothing that comes to school
  • Please only allow your child to bring toys on their share day.
  • Please make sure you bring snack on your child’s snack day and bring enough for each child to have 4 total snacks in a day
  • Please make sure the front door always closes behind you
  • Please make sure to keep your child’s immunizations updated

Mrs. Dodd and Ms Sandy

MSO September 2018 Newsletter. A Word from the Office...

MSO September 2018 Newsletter. Room 1 and Room 2

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MSO September 2018 Newsletter. Room 7 and Room 8

MSO September 2018 Newsletter. School Holidays and School Events