When people think of Carlsbad, the first thing that possibly comes to mind is Legoland. And while it is well-known for Legoland, Carlsbad is more than that. It is a vibrant city in Southern California, and there are lots of things to do, especially with young kids in tow. The temperate climate ensures year-round fun and activities for locals and visitors alike.

Carlsbad is a getaway that can become your family home. Nestled between LA and San Diego, you are right in the middle of it all and yet still maintain that small-town feel. Here are other things to do in Carlsbad with kids.

Chuao Chocolatier

This chocolate shop has its roots in Encinitas and has made its way to Carlsbad and worldwide. And the chocolates are not just any kind, these are creations from ethically-sourced cacao, made by Venezuelan chef Michael Antonorsi. The creations are uniquely-named, which kids will love. Some examples are Cheeky Churro, Ravishing Rocky Road, and Baconluxious. You can visit the Chuao Chocolatier Factory usually held every Wednesday and Friday and see how the chocolates are made. It’s definitely a dream come true for children!

The Museum of Making Music

This is an educational interactive museum that’s above all, a whole lot of fun. If your child has any interest at all in musical instruments, she or he will learn the history of musical instruments, attend workshops and can also be a part of the regular concert series. One of the workshops will teach children how to make their own musical instruments and use their creations later on in a musical presentation.

Leo Carrillo Historic Ranch

This ranch is 27 acres of beautiful landscapes and gardens. It is designated a historic park and is open to the public. You are free to roam the ranch and have a picnic. Don’t be surprised to find peacocks and birds of paradise here, as they are a known attraction. There are special programs for kids on the ranch, with the aim of teaching kids the history of the ranch.

Agua Hedionda Lagoon

This is a 400-acre estuary and wetlands right in Carlsbad, that used to be the home of the Luiseno Tribe. You can learn more about history and the kids can enjoy the Reptile Room which features an interactive learning experience. What’s more, the Agua Hedionda also offers a Kiddie Klub, where your kids can attend monthly meetings filled with great learning experiences through storytelling and arts and craftwork activities.

Montessori School of Oceanside

If you’re looking for a Montessori school in Carlsbad, look no further than the Montessori School of Oceanside. We offer before and after school programs, primary, elementary, and summer school programs, in a fun and safe learning environment.

Our commitment remains the same, to provide a great education to kids and cultivate a love and passion for learning in them so that they continue to become responsible global citizens. To learn more about our programs, please call the Montessori School of Oceanside at 760-941-3883 or send us an email at [email protected].

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