Before and After School Program

Montessori School of  Oceanside

Where Children Learn How to Learn

AM/PM Program

We are excited to announce our AM/PM program for the children at Lake Elementary. Beginning in the 2015-2016 school year we will provide excellent  before and after school care at  Montessori School of  Oceanside for children ages 5-12. We will walk them to and from Lake.

  • Professional care provided by an experienced caregiver
  • Supervision with character development in mind!
  • Safe, clean classroom environment!

Professional HOMEWORK HELP in a classroom environment!

  • Am Only: $50/wk
  • Pm Only: $90/wk
  • Both: $120/wk

Montessori School of Oceanside
3525 Cannon Rd. Oceanside, CA  92056
(760) 941-3883

AM/PM Daily Schedule

Breakfast/Daycare 7:40
Drop Off at Lake

(2 snack times)
12:45 Pick Up at Lake
12:45-1:15 Park Time
1:15-3:30 Movie and Snack
3:30-4:30 Homework & Snack
4:30-6 Daycare

(1 snack Time)
2:03 Pick Up at Lake
2:15-2:45 Park Time
3-3:30 RFP
3:30-4:30 Homework & Snack
4:30-6 Daycare

Daycare Schedule
Monday: Playdough and Legos
Tuesday: Music and Painting
Wednesday: Crafts
Thursday: Home Ec
Friday: Fun Friday