Wait, there’s no mountain too great Hear these words and have faith, oh, oh, iyo ~ He Lives in You

The end of the school year is upon us and we have so much to be grateful for! We have had many fun events this year and with this particular group of families, every day felt special! We have made a lot of special friendships and experienced so much joy! Thank you for being a part of our school!

You still have a chance to advertise in our spring concert program! Please send your artwork to [email protected]

Our school will close at 2pm on June 14th. Please be sure to make arrangements to have your child picked up by then. The children in rooms 3-8 need to be fed and in costume at the theater by 5pm.

Be sure to get your tickets early to avoid the line at the theater.

We have a Grab-n-Go Breakfast planned for all of your special daddys on June 16th. Please be sure to grab some yummy breakfast on your way to work!

GRADUATION takes place at Lake Park on June 23rd at 9am. Please see teachers about the details of what to wear and what time your child needs to be here! This is a very important rite of passage for children moving from one level of their education to another! We have Pre Elementary and Elementary students graduating! The classes will have an end of the year party that last day as well! Please sign-up on the clip boards to bring something!

Safety is VERY IMPORTANT at our school, as you know! One place that we all need to remember to be safe is in our parking lot! There are a lot of reasons to drive slowly and carefully, especially around blind spots, but the most important reason is for the safety of our children!

We hope to see you all during our fun summer adventures here at MSO!

Ms Janaki and Mrs. Dodd

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