Meet Our Staff

montessori school of oceansideHere at Montessori School of Encinitas we offer a multi-cultural staff that have a passion for teaching.

Saro Mahesan
Yolanda Barbosa
Avelina Cuanang
Sherrie Ramriez
Mandy Perry
Carolina Cruz

Ms. Saro Mahesan

Ms. Saro is the Director of the Montessori School of Encinitas. She holds her AMI Diploma in Montessori Education as well as holding an Early childhood development: Infant/toddler class certification & various Administration courses.  Ms. Saro began her work as a Teacher with a variety of  International Schools for approximately 10 years (private schools teaching British curriculum).  She also worked in Sri Lanka as a Montessori School Teacher/ Administrator for 8 years.  Upon arriving in the States, Ms. Saro began working at Child Time in Washington State, where she taught for 21/2 years.

Shortly there after, Ms. Saro joined the Montessori School Staff.  Ms. Saro began working at MSO from January of 2000.  She joined the Staff of Encinitas in 2006 as their Director.  In addition to her background in Education, Ms. Saro also has a variety of computer skills which include: Excel, Word, Power point & Access.

On a side note, Ms. Saro has also attended the San Marcos ROP Culinary School.

Ms. Saro is a knowledgable Director, as well as a very experienced Teacher.  She is well known and loved for her enthusiasm and sense of humor

Ms. Avelina Cuanan
She is known to the children, parents and staff as Ms. Belen. She has been with the Montessori School of Encinitas (MSE) teaching the pre-preschool (ages: 2 -3) from July 2003 to the present.  Ms. Belen has treated the children as her own children; giving them lot of hugs, listening ears for their stories, speaking to them in a soft voice, and enjoying their company with lots of patience and understanding. She has respect for individual differences. Thus, she acknowledges that each child develops at his/her own pace, mentally and emotionally and she understands that, that pace is intertwined with the conducive atmosphere at home and the school.
Ms. Belen feels that teaching the young ones is challenging but emotionally rewarding as well.  Teaching is not new to Ms. Belen. She has brought to MSE her skill in classroom management and knowledge in educational methods and principles. Prior to teaching in MSE, she was a licensed teacher for 23 years at a private Catholic school for girls in the suburb of Manila, Philippines. Though she had held various positions in the all-girls school, foremost to her was her love as a science classroom teacher.
To her credits, she earned 12 units of early childhood education at Mira Costa College – Oceanside, CA; Montessori trained at Montessori Teacher Training
Institute (MTTI) – Laguna Beach, CA; Bachelor of Science in Education in a private Catholic university – Manila, Philippines.

Yolanda Barbosa

Yolanda Barbosa has been working at the Montessori School of Encinitas for over two years.  She started working with Preschoolers and now she is working with the older infants.

Yolanda began her teaching career when she was in high school in Reedley California.  She graduated from Reedley Community College in 2005 obtaining her Associate Science in Child Development and obtaining her California Teaching Credential. She has more than ten years of experience working with children from Infants to Preschoolers.  She enjoys working with children and she firmly believes that Montessori Method is the best method of learning for children.


Ms. Elizabeth has been with Montessori School of Oceanside for over five years helping out in the older Infant classroom.  She can also be found in the kitchen making a variety of delicious food for the children.  She loves children and children in turn, adore her too.

Mandy Perry

I am Miss Mandy. I was born and raised right here in California.  I have been working with children since 1995. My first experience was at the Palomar College Daycare Center.  I assisted the toddler teacher. I enjoyed it so much, I decided to take classes in Early Childhood Education.  I have 12 units specializing in Infant and Toddler care. My objective as a teacher is to provide an environment where children can explore and to awaken there senses and stimulate their minds.  I have been with the owner of Kidz Biz since August of 2004 where I have worked at 3 of their 4 schools.  I have worked at MSO1 and MSO2, and now I am currently at the Montessori School of Encinitas as the lead teacher in the infant toddler room (since may 2007).

Sherrie Ramirez

My name is Sherrie Ramirez.  I started working in childcare since 1998 in Phoenix and moved to California in 2000.  I have 12 Early Childhood Development units and am working toward 15.  I have worked in child care for 5 years, with infants to 6 year old children.  I like to ski, hike, travel and enjoy taking care of others and watching the children grow and enjoy themselves.

Carolina Cruz
Ms. Carolina began working with the Montessori School of Oceanside a years ago. Ms. Carolina as well as her sisters, Ms. Maribel, and Ms. Juana have been a part of the various schools for a number of years. Ms. Carolina currently works with the toddlers. She has a very quiet, and soft spoken nature which the children truly love. She can often be found hugging a child, or in the middle of a tickle fight!